Tips and Tools for Successful Fundraising

When we pool our fundraising efforts together, we can make a HUGE difference for Life! FundEasy, our registration program, makes it simple to organize your fundraising efforts. Here are some tips on how to reach your goal, raise funds for this life-saving ministry, and have fun along the way!

1. Personalize Your FundEasy Page

Fundraisers who take the time to personalize their FundEasy page raise around 30% more than those who just use the default settings.

Pro-Tip: This is EASY to do from your smartphone!

  • Add a Welcome Message: Why are you Walking/Running for Life with the Pregnancy Clinic?
  • Upload a photo. You have space for 5 photos. Post pictures of you, your family, or even cute babies.
  • Modify your goal. Your FundEasy page automatically assigns a $150 goal. Most of us can reach higher. Challenge yourself and your friends/family by setting a goal that seems just out of reach.
  • Parents: Kids get a FundEasy page and raise funds, too (see the Kids Fundraising Guide below). Help them personalize their FundEasy page.

2. Begin Fundraising!

Now that you have a personalized, unique FundEasy page, you can grab the URL to your page and start raising money! Remember: if you raise $150 or more by Sept 6, you will receive a free commemorative t-shirt.

  • Give to Yourself. You show people that really care when you kick-off your own fundraising. PRO-TIP: Randomly contribute $1-2 to your fundraiser so that your total doesn’t end in $0 or $5. People like to see round numbers, and donors will likely contribute $3 or $4 more to round out your total.
  • Share your link on Facebook. We’ve drafted some possible post ideas and calendar in the tools below.
  • Email your link. People are busy, so might need to send a few emails. There’s a sample below.
  • Research your company’s matching gift program. If your company matches gifts, you can double your dollars! Check with your Human Resources department.
  • Update your FundEasy page regularly. Fundraisers who update regularly raise more! And again, this is easy from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Let people know how close you are to reaching your goal!
  • Share your FundEasy URL. Use the provided “Sponsor Me” cards to share your FundEasy page with others. Be sure to fill in your FundEasy URL details, as well as your name.
  • Say Thank You. Remember to thank every individual who helps you reach your goal. Let them know that by giving, they are actively joining the mission field in our community and spreading the truth, hope, and love of Jesus!

3. Event-Day Tasks

We’re ready to Walk or Run for Life! Check-In starts at 8am. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Tasks for event-day include:

  • Collect any offline gifts (cash, checks, or pledges). Return these with your sponsor form.
  • Get your shirt: If you have raised $150 or more by Sept. 6, stop by the Shirt Booth to collect your well-earned prize. (If you raised $150 or more after Sept. 6, shirts will be available as supplies last.)
  • Walk and Run proudly. 100% of your fundraising dollars will go directly to supporting the life-saving work of the Pregnancy Clinic. Generations of women, men, and children in our community will be impacted by your diligence. Thank you!

4. After the Walk/Race:

Your FundEasy page will stay active until mid-October. After the race, send one last email and/or post once more, reminding your friends and family that you are still accepting donations, and giving them the link.

5. Your Fundraising Toolkit