2023 Results

Thanks to the amazing support of all those who participated in the Walk and Run for Life, we have reached our fundraising goal of $130,000 – and exceeded it! These funds will directly impact women and babies in our community, making it possible for women in unexpected pregnancies have a place to go for help and hope, giving them the resources they need to chose life.

First Place: Team BEP of Broadneck Evangelical Presbyterian Church ($10,703.23)

Second Place: St. Andrews Anglican Church Team ($7,630.00)

Third Place: Severn Runners of Severn Run Evangelical Presbyterian Church ($5,945.00)

Honorable Mention: EP for Life of Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis ($5,825.00)

Top Fundraiser: Courtney Della, $4,200

Youth LifeSaver Award: Liam Mullis, 2 years old, $225

Youth LifeSaver Honorable Mention: Bruce Arnold, 6 years old, $200

Teen LifeSaver Award: Olivia Crane, 16 years old, $3,245

Teen LifeSaver Honorable Mention: Grace and Evan Deterding, 16 years old, $1,890

The “Saved One” Winners include those who raised $1,200, which is approximately the amount necessary to care for a woman considering abortion, and save that baby’s life. This year’s winners are:

  • Jim Anderson
  • Verna Castaldo
  • Therese Cooley
  • Olivia Crane
  • Courtney Della
  • Grace and Evan Deterding
  • Scott & Sharon Greenip
  • Katherine Miller
  • Steve Moscatelli
  • Neil O’Brien
  • Pamela Palumbo
  • Gracie Russell
  • Santiago & Melissa Solares