2021 5k Run Results

Pregnancy Clinic Onsite 5k Run Results

Results by Blue Point Timing

Open Winners:

MALE: Alexander Buchholz | Bib 116| Age 24 | Chip Time: 19:05.06

FEMALE: Kirsten Fast | Bib 140 | Age 26 | Chip Time: 23:13.55

Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each age/gender category, and to the top two male and female overall winners. If you placed in your age category and were not present to receive your medal, please contact Angela and we will mail it to you.

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Please note: The category for Men and Female 60 above (as posted in the results above) has been split into two age caegories: Male/Female 60-69 and Male/Female 70+ (results posted below).

Male 70+:

1 Place: Lew Schrumm | Bib 227 | Age 73 | Chip Time: 46:23.11

Female 70+:

1 Place: Lynn Boyer | Bib 162 | Age 73 | Chip Time: 52:09.45

Questions about your time? Contact Sharon.