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Runners for the timed 5K race have a $45 fee. Otherwise, there are no fees to participate.

This is a fundraiser for the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry, and we encourage all participants to set a fundraising goal. More tips about Fundraising can be found on FUNDRAISING PAGE.

YES! You can still register as a Virtual Walker, set a Fundraising Goal, participate individually or join a team, and still raise funds for our life-saving work.

Runners who pre-register before Sept. 4 will receive a shirt in their Runner Packet. Late registrants will receive a shirt as supplies allow.

Walker and Virtual Walker teammates who raise $150 by Sept. 4 will receive a free shirt. Those who raise $150 after Sept. 4 will receive a shirt as supplies allow.

Any remaining shirts will be available for purchase on the day of the event.

Everyone participating as a runner, walker, or in the kids races needs to register. Again, pre-registering online will make your check-in shorter.

Register your kids HERE.

All participants need to register whether you are walking or running the 5k. You can register online by clicking the Register Now button above, or you can register on the day of at the race. Day of registration and check in begins at 8 a.m.

Absolutely! Families have the option of registering together during registration. This makes it easy to pay for registration fees (for the 5k runners) and can save families a lot of time.

Choose who will be the primary profile (mom or dad, for a family, or one of the spouses, for a husband/wife team) and fill in that person’s requested information. After the address section, click the box next to “Register as a Family.” Enter in your family’s name and everyone’s details.

This will create one FundEasy Fundraising page for your family. Remember that this page is linked to the primary profile you used at registration; you’ll need to use that email when accessing your family’s FundEasy page.


Sponsors who give online will get a receipt emailed to them. Sponsors who give by cash or check will get a letter mailed to them after the event. It is very helpful to us when you enter these ‘offline’ gifts onto your FundEasy page.

Sponsors can make their checks out to the Pregnancy Clinic. All donations are tax-deductible.

The FundEas system defaults your goal to be $150. We have found that to be an easily-attained goal for our participants. Each teammate who raises $150 gets a free shirt (guaranteed to those who register/reach their fundraising goal before Sept. 4). 

However, we encourage you to increase your goal to a level that challenges you – and challenges your friends/family who are supporting you!

Actually, the system does this for you automatically when you register.

After you’ve entered your registration information and click “Register,” a window will pop up inviting you to finish creating your Fundraising Page by selecting your login method. You can choose to login with Facebook or set up a username and password. When you’ve done that, you’ll be at your Fundraising Page. The first time you visit, they have a short friendly video for you explaining all your options.

Click here to get back to go to FundEasy page. Search for your name in the search bar and select your fundraiser. Log in, and you’re all set.

It’s easier than you think. Check out our Fundraising Page for some great ideas.

“Offline donations” – cash, check – need to be added manually. To do this, go to your Fundraising Page, click the green “Record Offline Gifts” button, and fill out the information.

Families have the option of registering as a family – instead of individually. This creates a joint FundEasy fundraising page. Choose your family’s primary profile (mom or dad, for a family, or one of the spouses, for a husband/wife team) and fill in the requested information. After filling in the address section, click the box next to “Register as a Family.” Enter in your family’s name and everyone’s details.

The system will create one FundEasy fundraising page for your family. Remember that this page is linked to the primary profile and can be accessed with the email you used for that registration.

100% of the profit from this event goes to support the lifesaving work of the Pregnancy Clinic. Click here to partner with us today.

The Walk and Run for Life is one of the primary fundraisers each year for the Pregnancy Clinic Ministries. Although fundraising is not a requirement, we encourage our participants to set a goal and actively work to achieve it.

Day of Event

It is a rain or shine event. We will only cancel in the case of lightning.

Thanks for your interest – there are many ways you can help out as a volunteer at the Walk and Run for Life! These include but are not limited to: marking the course, registration, directing runners and walkers, handing out water at the finish line, etc. As with Walkers and Runners, we encourage our volunteers to set a fundraising goal and raise money for our life-saving work!

For more information on volunteering at the event, please email Angela at ANGELA@PREGNANCYCLINIC.ORG, or call the office at (410) 431-5000.

There is no childcare provided during the Walk and Run. Families are encouraged to walk together on the Life Walk, and children are welcome to have fun on the Bounce House and playground, under parental supervision.

We love children! We have two events specifically for our smaller friends: Toddler Trot (ages 0-4) and Kids Dash (ages 5-7). They can also walk in the Life Walk, and if able, they are welcome to run the 5k along with the grow- ups. Children may be able to help volunteer with adult supervision. All kids need to be registered to participate. Register HERE.

We welcome well behaved dogs on leashes. Please do not forget to clean up after your dog.

No. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, strollers (including jogging strollers) are not allowed on the 5k trail. We welcome strollers on our Life Walk.

Church Captains and Teams

Of course – that’s a great idea! Once you register, go to your FundEasy page. You can set up your own team on the “My Team” tab. When your coworkers register, they can join the team too!

You bet. You can do this from your personal FundEasy page (just click on the “My Team” tab), or we can do it for you. Contact Sharon if you need assistance.

We love to get churches involved and are so excited you want to help with this! Angela can help you get started – contact her at 410-431-5000, or Angela@Pregnancyclinic.org. Check out our Church Captain and Team page to learn more.

We want everyone to be able to participate, and you are welcome to join the event on your own, with your family, or with a group of friends! Teams are a convenient way encourage each other along the way. But all are welcome.

We welcome teams on the challenging cross country trail. Have your coach contact Angela at Angela@pregnancyclinic.org or call the office at (410) 431-5000.

Sure. Each team has a Support Teammate, which was created to accept and manage donations made to a team and not an individual. To locate a particular Support Teammate, go to FundEasy.com and enter “support” in the search box. Select the correct fundraiser, and make your gift.

If you need assistance with this, please contact Sharon at patten.s@pregnancyclinic.org.