How can my family fundraise together?

Families have the option of registering as a family – instead of individually. This creates a joint FundEasy fundraising page. Choose your family’s primary profile (mom or dad, for a family, or one of the spouses, for a husband/wife team) and fill in the requested information. After filling in the address section, click the box next to “Register as a Family.” Enter in your family’s name and everyone’s details.

The system will create one FundEasy fundraising page for your family. Remember that this page is linked to the primary profile and can be accessed with the email you used for that registration.

Will my sponsors get receipts?

Sponsors who give online will get a receipt emailed to them. Sponsors who give by cash or check will get a letter mailed to them after the event. It is very helpful to us when you enter these ‘offline’ gifts onto your FundEasy page.

How do I set up my Fundraising Page?

Actually, the system does this for you automatically when you register.

After you’ve entered your registration information and click “Register,” a window will pop up inviting you to finish creating your Fundraising Page by selecting your login method. You can choose to login with Facebook or set up a username and password. When you’ve done that, you’ll be at your Fundraising Page. The first time you visit, they have a short friendly video for you explaining all your options.

Click here to log in to your FundEasy page. If you forgot your username, you can follow to provided prompts to reset it.

If you forgot to set up your fundraising page during registration: Click here and search for your fundraising page by putting your last name in the search box. Locate your page and open it. You should see a “claim this page” option in the upper right of your screen. Click on that option, enter the email you used during registration, and you’re all set!

What should my fundraising goal be?

The FundEasy system defaults your goal to be $150. We have found that to be an easily-attained goal for our participants. Each teammate who raises $150 gets a free shirt (guaranteed to those who register/reach their fundraising goal before Sept. 1). 

However, we encourage you to increase your goal to a level that challenges you – and challenges your friends/family who are supporting you!

Do I have to fundraise?

The Walk and Run for Life is one of the primary fundraisers each year for Wellspring Life Ministry. Although fundraising is not a requirement, we encourage our participants to set a goal and actively work to achieve it.